Triple dummy set piece, Tony Pulis, Mata singing the Macarena

Vintage Triple dummy set piece

<iframe height=”397px” scrolling=”no” src=”;u=/sport/video/2012/oct/03/serbia-triple-dummy-football-corner-goal-video&#8221; style=”border: 0; overflow: hidden;” width=”460px”>

Lets hope Emile’s team mates don’t see this(or Emily as Rod Hull calls him)


Chaos in Finland as HJK score against Haka with two balls on the pitch.

Tony Pulis and the curse of diving

“Retrospective decisions are made on a Monday by the FA and they should be looking at this. Give him three games and he will stop falling over.”

We 100% agree Tony the punishment for diving should be the same as breaking Aaron Ramsey leg in 2 places! Good work!

Mata sings the Macarena

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