What a weekend to round up! Heskey for England, Merseyside derby, Mark Clattenburg… where to begin!

Probably the most entertaining weekend of the soccer season so far including a cracking Mersey side derby, Heskey double, disallowed goals, over exuberant goal celebrations, red cards and Man Utd receiving a welcome hand from Mark Clattenburg! It was about 3 minutes after the final whistle we received this:



Emile Heskey – 4 goals in 4 games , and none of them have been sloppy finishes! I dont think anyone will begrudge Heskey the chance to show the A-League what he can do! Goal 1 and goal 2 versus Melbourne. We are feeling suitably smug that we predicted he could have a bigger impact the ADP!

Manchester United – Taking all 3 points from Chelsea at Stamford bridge is always an achievement, even if they were on the receiving end of some exceptionally favorable decisions. Watch the highlights of the Chelsea VS Manchester United

Arsenal – not exactly stopping the rot but they got the result they needed. Wenger will be concerned about the teams precision in the final third and struggling to get 3 points against a winless QPR.

David Moyes – After Suarez could have started a riot by swan diving in front of the everton manager, Moyes got the last laugh with Everton coming back from 2 goals down!

Jack Wilshere – England’s next next next great thing, was good to see him back on the pitch

The A League – some high profile imports, exciting games, large gates and amazing atmosphere. Is this a new beginning for the A League?

Suarez-An assist and a goal against Everton


Suarez- theatrical swallow dive in front of the dugout as he celebrated Liverpool’s first goal.

Mark Clattenburg – everyone makes mistakes and the referee job is not an easy one, however getting 3 major game deciding decisions wrong is unacceptable! Most managers blame the referee to take the attention away from the team but Di Matteo can justifiably be fuming. Besides that Chelsea are also claiming he used ‘inappropriate language’ toward the Chelsea players.

Liverpool – a poor poor decision in extra time cost them the 3 points! When things are going bad it’s hard to get a break!

Jeronimo Neumann – scored two greats goals (which really should put him in the winners section) but then dived and got Sigmundred carded.


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