A weekend of betting upsets, goals, and more red cards

Goal of the weekend

Either of the goals in the Liverpool and Newcastle goals
Cazorla consolation against Man United

Weekend Winners

Manchester United – The 3 points were safely in the bag after 3 minutes and possibly MUFC should be in the losers section as it should have been a lot more. With a missed penalty and chance after chance going begging the result says 2-1 but the performance said 5-1.

Suarez – 2 things are definite about Suarez he is both a racist and an exceptionally talented footballer – lets hope he keeps making this list for the latter.

The rest of the premier league – only one win for any of the top half of the table.

West Ham, Swansea, Wigan – showing the premiership there are no easy points this season.

Swansea & Laudrup – the players he has brought in are doing well and he seems to have set the team up well.

Daniel McBreen – a hat trick for one of the hardest working players in the A-League.

Norwich – Win against arsenal, draw against villa and another 3 points against Stoke. It’s key for survival to pick up points where you can and also the games against anyone in the bottom 8 are 6 pointers.

Weekend Losers

Arsenal – there is no papering over the cracks they were lucky it wasn’t another 8-2, and RVP will know now that he made the right decision if he wants to win trophies.

Santos – you know its bad when twitter trends your name and not in a good way! The RVP shirt swap will not blow over yet!

Sydney FC – Losing 7-2 to the mariners, moral problems, injuries and the equal highest a league score

Spurs – one week sublime the next ridiculous, a rare win at Old Trafford and defeated at home by Wigan. Villas-Boas would not have liked to hear the boo’s only 10 games into the season, but a tough November facing City, Arsenal, West Ham and Liverpool could be too much for the Spurs faithful.

Santos – yes he really was that bad he is on the list twice

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