Weeks winners and losers plus the best goals and video from around the world


Mariners – 3 winds in a row – sitting pretty at the top of the league at the weekend the Pheonix appeared to be lost for ideas on how to break down the Mariners always resolute defence.

Emile Heskey – we dont want people to think we are obsessing over Keskey but scored the winning goal again at the weekend

Manchester United – seem to be rooted in the winners section. They have won 15 points from losing positions, second time in a week they have come back from behind with a handful of late goals.[insert any cliche about sign of a good teams if they can win when not playing well

Everton & Fellaini – a goal and an assist at the weekend has Fellaini in our winners section for a 3rd time this season. Everton setting a new Premier League record for recovering from losing positions

West Ham – if only the fans could start liking Big Sam as its their best start to a league campaign in 25 years

Suarez – he is always in one section this weeks it’s the winners section take your pick from scoring the equalizer against Chelsea or if you support Sunderland injuring John Jerry

Giroud & Berbatov – both strikers scoring and giving an assist at the weekend. Berbatov playing well when he smiles. Giroud playing well when no-one else is.


Sydney FC – losing their manager in round 6 of the season will not help the clubs erratic form. Internal parties are saying Del Piero is not a distracting influence but this is not the start to the season Sydney fans were expecting.

The FA – they had a chance to act quickly with the Clattenburg but still not much action. It took over 14 months to come to a decision regarding John Terry. Showing themselves as very out dated and slow, could learn alot from the NRL.

Arsenal – it breaks my heart as an Arsenal fan to have them in the losers section AGAIN. Giving away a two goal lead twice in a week.

Mikel Arteta – made an error leading to a goal, gave away and missed a penalty v Fulham – first player in 14 years to do so

Mark Hughes – time and results are running out for old sparky

Videos of the week

Ayanda Patosi – Lokeren

I guess we know the answer to the old ‘would you run onto the pitch to stop a certain goal’ question

Not a big fan of showboating (watch the replay)

Words cannot explain this – just watch it

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