Worst free kick ever, no-one wants to win the EPL this year and youtube greatness


Manchester United – Only West Brom and United in the top 4 picked up 3 points this weekend (not a sentence I thought I would be writing).

Norwich – unbeaten in 6  including wins over Arsenal and Man utd and at the weekend a draw against an improved Everton side.

West Brom – 4 wins a row has West Brom in the top 3 and surely must be safe for another year. Steve Clark manager of the year?

Southampton – out of the relegation zone and 7 points from there last 3 matches mean the saints are starting to turn around there season which after 10 games looked like they were destined for the championship again.

Jermaine Defoe – 7 goals so far this season and a brace a the weekend (including one cracker)


Premier League – not a great week for the EPL as none of the top 4 appear to want to win the league and maintain some consistency this year. With no English teams setting the Champions league on fire this year lets just hope its a hangover from the fairy tale ending of last year.

Sydney FC –Look devoid of idea’s on Friday night at a noisy Allianz stadium. The back for looked like they had never played together and were pulled across he park by Adelaide.

Chelsea FC – booing before the game, booing after a 0-0 draw with the current champions. Going to be a long hard season for Benitez, and the Chelsea faithful are starting to get tired of he whims of there very rich owner.

Fernando Torres – when you are not playing well the last thing you want is more media spotlight. Whilst Benitez may be able to bring he best out of Torres  the press opinion is that he was brought in just to improve Torres form. If TOrres doesn start scoring game over already for Benitez.

Kolo Toure – somethings are better left said by others

Arsenal – a draw against a poor Aston Villa side. It might be champions league hangover but there inconsistency is costing them. Spurs who have lost 3 in a row before Sunday are now equal on points.

Premiership managers – not a great week to be a manager with Mark Hughes and Di Matteo both getting the can. Admittedly one did win the champions league and FA cup last season…. and the other… is well Mark Hughes

Probably the worst free kick ever
Top 50 Open goal misses – makes you feel a lot better they are actually being paid for this!
Hugging the referee that’s a new one
Well that was embarrassing
He’s behind you

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