• Located and owned in Australia
  • All stock warehoused in Australia – we dont drop ship through another agency
  • Genuine products all imported direct from europe
  • Excellent customer service
  • 1-3 day delivery time for most orders
  • Competitive pricing


It seemed like a natural progression to incorporate our passion for the game into our everyday work life, thus the site started from the basics, a love of soccer.

In Australia the options for buying a high quality Soccer shirts at a reasonable price are very limited. The retailers marked up prices to extraordinary rates and online auctions generally ended in the delivery of fake merchandise low in quality.

As a result, Soccerkit.com.au is based on the simple idea of purchasing the newest designed boots and genuine team jerseys for a lower cost than what you would pay at a larger retailer that dominate this market.

We have operated on this basic basis ever since and have grown to a 4 man operation since starting in a cupboard like spare room back in 2011. We have grown by simple word of mouth, delivering a high quality service and product.

All our products are 100% genuine and will come with all official packaging, watermarks and proof of purchase. The shirts are sourced from official vendors in Europe and come with guaranteed authenticity. If you are not happy with your purchase we have a full exchange and refund policy at no cost to you.


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